Valentine's Day Gifts He Actually Wants

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This year, get your guy something he actually wants for Valentine’s Day.

Plan Date Night

We are, after all, Make a Date of It. What could be a better gift than planning a romantic Valentine’s Day for the guy in your life? Use one of our date ideas below or pick one of many others from our blog. Print a few that you like and make it a gift you could use all year long, or just sign up for our newsletter and get a new date to your inbox every week.

The Basics

It may not sound special but socks and underwear are always on my husband’s wishlist. Matthew goes for the highest quality (and thus longest lasting) socks, like Smartwool. Not only do they have reinforced toes so you won’t be sewing or replacing them any time soon, they also have arch support to increase circulation during the workday. And then, let’s face it, who doesn’t love new underwear? Pick out a fun set that you both will get to enjoy for Valentine’s Day.

Something Useful

A multitool can come in handy anytime—whether it’s a wallet card for everyday, a pocket knife for travel, a survival tool for camping, or a wingman for the car. Plus they eliminate the need to pull out your toolbox anytime something small needs fixing. All of these multitools come with a load of functions depending on your guy’s wants and needs.


There are so many useful electronics out there nowadays. Chances are, your guy has been hankering for at least one of these. The Echo plays music, sets alarms, answers questions, sets timers and so much more all with the help of Amazon’s friendly robot, Alexa. The Fire TV Stick allows for easy video streaming on your TV and has a voice remote also connected to Alexa. The Streambot allows you to stream music via bluetooth in your car if your car is too old to have the bluetooth feature (hello, that’s us too). And finally, the Tile is a small electronic gps device that attaches to your keys, phone, wallet, whatever so that you can find it if you lose it or track it if it gets stolen. It’s perfect for anyone who is constantly losing things and spends a ton of time looking for them.

Good Clean Fun

Matthew and I are both board game lovers. When we are looking for something fun to do together on an average night that doesn’t involve watching something or leaving the house, a board game is an easy choice. Each of these games can be played with two people, so you get to enjoy them too. In Munchkin, defeat grotesque monsters as you race your partner through a fantasy dungeon. Use strategy In Ticket to Ride to claim railroad routes throughout North America. In 7 Wonders, build the most dominant world civilization. And team up with your partner in Forbidden Island to escape an island determined to kill you.

Memory Storage

A great sentimental gift that doesn’t go overboard is something to preserve memories. Does that guy in your life like concerts? Get him a ticket stub organizer that makes it easy to preserve the memories. If he is a traveller, get him a scratch-off map of the world so he can visualize how much he has seen and done. Maybe he has made it his goal to see all of the U.S. National Parks. So get him the adventure guide to check off locations and challenges along the way.

Retro Vibes

Go retro with your guy’s gift this year and get him something old school—like a classy looking messenger bag or an old fashioned shaving kit. Bring back his childhood with the Retro-Bit so he can play all of his old PS1 games. Or instantly print new photo memories with the Instax Mini.

Long Distance Love

Make your long distance beau feel special with a gift he can appreciate from afar. Fill the blanks of the Why I Miss You book so he can be reminded of your love even when things feel hard. Or give him a set of long distance mugs that you can each sip out of while you Skype together. Make him smile when he gets in bed at night by draping your pillow with a “reserved” sign. Or, give him an activity you can do together from afar—like Book Club Table Topics. Each of you read the same book, then discuss it with the question cards.

The Time of Day

A nice wristwatch is a classic gift for men and nowadays there are more options than ever before. Choose between materials (wood is all the rage right now, though stainless steal is still sleek as ever) and abilities to cater to the guy in your life. A smartwatch can connect with you phone and let you read texts and more while a hybrid smartwatch is a cross between a regular watch and a smartwatch.

Upgraded Storage

Is your husband or boyfriend’s wallet worn out and overused? Give him an upgrade with one of these wallets, each with different capacity and style depending on what he likes.

Luxury Sleepwear

I’m going to guess that your husband or boyfriend does not put much thought into his sleepwear. Treat him to something that makes him feel both classy and sexy, like satin pajamas or a sleek robe. And let’s not forget the slippers. Soft and practical, these Sorel slippers are going to keep his feet warm all winter long.

Time to Reconnect

What could be a better gift than a revamp to your relationship? Try one of these games or sets of conversation cards to get talking again like you did when you were dating. Not only will you get to know each other better, but you will remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Bedroom Treats

Treat your husband to a night of sexy fun for Valentine’s Day. Play Talk, Flirt, Dare or have him redeem a much-desired voucher while you show off some new lingerie. The gift will benefit you both (wink, wink) and spice up your love life.

This post was last updated February 5, 2019

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